Interpreting Equipment Hire

Simultaneous interpreting is used at meetings, conferences, symposiums and courses where different languages are spoken. This is why professional equipment is needed. Orient Link® has the technology and skills to carry out all event types.

Our interpreting equipment includes: receivers, transmitters, cabin controls and everything else that may be needed in an interpreting cabin. Similarly, we have interpreters for all of the languages in which Orient Link® specializes.

Interpreting Cabin

This is a tabletop cabin. It is essential for meetings and conferences because it is able to reduce ambient noise by up to 80%. This ensures a clear, quality transmission and also prevents echoes when the interpreter is speaking.

FM Transmitter

A high quality transceiver that is ideal for use in theaters, stadiums, auditoriums and much more. It only needs to connect to an audio source, such as a microphone or sound system and sends an FM radio signal to compatible FM audio receivers.

It is able to transmit signals to a maximum radius of 1000 meters if there are no barriers.

Portable receiver

Light and portable, it operates with a radial range of up to 50 meters without barriers. It is used by audience members to listen to the interpretation. It is provided as audio assistance to classroom students, tour group participants, employees in training, business meetings, etc.

We have highly trained simultaneous interpreting staff for Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, English, Arabic, Russian, French and German..

All of our services include staff who are responsible for operating the sound equipment during your event.