Simultaneous interpreting is used in exhibitions, conferences, congresses, seminars, interviews, conventions, international summits, symposia, training courses, and many more venues where different languages are being spoken; therefore a professional language services team is required.

At OrientLink we have the technology and the capacity to carry out any kind of event.

We have interpreting equipment: receivers, transmitters, control units, and anything you need for your interpreting booths.

Likewise, we have interpreters for all the languages in which OrientLink is an expert, available for you.

International business meeting?

OrientLink, professional interpreters and the best technology for language interpreting services


Half-sized booth required for any kind of simultaneous interpreting service, meetings or conferences; as it reduces noise by up to 80% to provide a crystal-clear transmission and quality of the message. It also avoids echo derived from when the interpreter is speaking.

FM Transmitter

High-quality Base Station transmitter, ideal for theaters, stadiums, auditoriums, and much more venues.

Simply connect it to an audio source such as a microphone or sound system and sends an FM radio signal to transmit the audio to compatible FM receivers.

It transmits a signal in a range of up to 3000 ft. round when no barriers in between.


Lightweight and portable, operates in a range of up to 160 feet round when no barriers are found in between the audience and transmitter. Suitable for the provision of audio services for expos, conferences, congresses, seminars, interviews, conventions, international summits, symposia, training courses and many more.

Our staff is highly trained in simultaneous interpreting services in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Arabic, Russian, French and German.

All of our services include assigned staff members to handle the operation of the equipment throughout your event.


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