OrientLink‘s team is staffed by professional native speakers who are experts in the subject matter they translate. Their experience translations of high-quality, assortment, and complexity throughout Latin America and around the world.

Your academic, medical, legal documents, scientific, cultural, guides, manuals, books, magazines and all kinds of works translated into the language of your choice.

Save time and money! We maintain the original document format and design when translating your documents.


Your official documents are sealed and signed by one of our certified professional translators to make your documents valid for official purposes.

Certified or official documents will be paramount for government filings and regulatory matters in your country and abroad. And include contracts, bids, articles of incorporation, financial statements, authentications, apostilles; birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, etc.

We are the best translators of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Portuguese, French, German, English, Turkish, Hindi, Malay, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and more.

Do you need a professional translation?

We translate your technical, business and legal documents!


The speaker conveys a message and makes a pause for the interpreter to translate and reproduce the message in the target language.

Our professional native interpreters are specialized in different industries and are able to break down language barriers for your business.

This type of interpreting is recommended for one-on-one and technical meetings, trainings, work lunch meetings, small group presentations, among others.

We interpret in more than 15 languages and provide specialized attention and services for businesspeople, diplomats, and politicians throughout Latin America and the world.


Technology applied to real-time verbal interpreting with no limitation on the number of listeners. Our interpreters translate the message into the required language while the speaker continues speaking.

For this type of activity, an isolated booth is needed from where the interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones and then translates and reproduces the message through a microphone. The audience must have specialized audio equipment to listen to the interpretation. We have simultaneous interpreting equipment available for rent: booths, headphones, microphones, bodypacks and receivers.

Ideal for interpreting in exhibits, conferences, congresses, seminars, interviews, conventions, international summits, symposia, training courses, etc.

OrientLink, the leading language services provider in Latin America, has an in-house team of professional native-speaker interpreters,  trained and qualified to break the language barriers across the business world.

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